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Unlocking the World of Podiatry: 'Podiatry, more than you think'

This week is Podiatry week and the theme is- 'Podiatry, more than you think'. Are you familiar with the world of podiatry and the vital role it plays in ensuring the health and comfort of your feet, ankles, and lower extremities? Let's dive into the fascinating scope of podiatry and discover the valuable insights it offers for maintaining your foot health.

Assessment and Diagnosis: Unveiling the Foot Mysteries

Podiatrists are the unsung heroes specialising in the lower limb. They possess a unique skill set and knowledge base to assess and diagnose a diverse range of foot and ankle conditions.

These conditions include and are not limited to:

- Foot pain and discomfort

- Heel pain

- Bunions and hammertoes

- Ingrown toenails

- Diabetic foot complications

- Sports-related injuries

- Arthritis of the foot and ankle

- Neuropathy and nerve-related conditions

- Skin disorders (e.g., dermatitis, warts)


When it comes to treatment, podiatrists offer a wide array of options, ensuring that you receive the best care tailored to your specific needs:

- Orthotic devices: Custom-made or prefabricated shoe inserts orthotics can transform your comfort and mobility.

- Physical therapy and rehabilitation: These therapies can help you regain strength and flexibility.

- Wound care: Ulcers are treated with expertise.

- Nail surgery: Ingrown toenails, beware! Podiatrists perform precise nail surgeries.

- Nail bracing: Conserative approach to ingrowing nails the application of the Onyfix nail bracing system to retrain nail shape and growth

- Foot and ankle braces: If needed, they provide supports for stability and healing.

- Shockwave therapy: Podiatrists can use shockwave therapy to initiate a metabolic reaction in the affected tissues to help provide pain relief and promote healing.

- Western Medical Accupuncture: Incorporates the use of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture points, dry needling techniques, and neuropuncture to treat various lower limb conditions.

- Strapping and taping: To restrict or protect your injured limb

- Nail cutting and care: they can help mantain health skin and nails

- Neurovascular assessments: Podiatrists provide rigirous lower limb foot health assessments to assess your blood flow and nerve sensation in your feet and lower limb.

- Written referrals for X-ray and US: Podiatrists can refer you on for an X-ray or US of your lower limb for further investigation to aid in the correct treatment option for you.

Prevention: The Key to Happy Feet

Prevention is better than cure, and podiatrists are your partners in keeping your feet healthy. They educate patients on proper footwear, foot hygiene, diabetic foot care, and strategies to reduce the risk of injuries or complications.

Collaboration: Teamwork for Optimal Care

Podiatrists work closely with other healthcare professionals, such as orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, vascular specialists, and dermatologists, to provide comprehensive care for patients with complex conditions. This collaborative approach ensures you receive the best possible care.

Patient Education: Empowering You for a Healthier Tomorrow

In addition to treatment, podiatrists emphasize patient education. They help individuals understand their conditions, treatment options, and the importance of maintaining proper foot health through lifestyle adjustments and self-care practices.

Research and Innovation: Pioneering the Future of Podiatry

Some podiatrists are involved in cutting-edge research to advance the field, develop new treatments, and improve patient outcomes. Their dedication to innovation benefits us all.

Podiatry is a specialised branch of medicine that deserves recognition for its crucial role in maintaining the health and well-being of our feet, ankles, and lower extremities.

Podiatrists are the go-to experts when it comes to foot care, ensuring that every step we take is a comfortable and confident one. Let's appreciate their dedication to our foot health!

'Podiatry, more than you think'

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