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Western Medical Acupuncture (WMA)

Many people believe as a Podiatrist we solely treat the feet. This is not the case, many conditions affecting the hips knees and legs are directly related to the feet. Western Medical Acupuncture is used in our clinics by our podiatrists for a varitey of coniditions, pathologies and symptoms.

What is Western Medical Accupuncture?

Western Medical Acupuncture (WMA) incorporates the use of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture points, dry needling techniques, and neuropuncture to treat various lower limb conditions. WMA is used to complement other treatments you may be already receiving for your feet, in order to maximise your treatment outcomes. It is effective for acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain. WMA is a low risk treatment with minimal risk of major side effects and is also safe in pregnancy.

What are the effects of WMA/ how does it work?

WMA initiates a release of peptides following needle insertion that leads to increased blood flow and enhanced healing. It also stimulates a neural response that creates an analgesic effect to help with any painful conditions in the feet.

Common conditions which can be treated with WMA

  • Plantar heel pain

  • Achilles tendinopathies

  • Bunion pain

  • Tibialis posterior tendinopathy

  • Calf tightness

Book in to see a podiatrist today to have your feet assessed and determine how WMA can be used to help you!


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