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Custom Podiatry Services are leaders in providing high quality aged care podiatry services across South Australia, currently working in partnership with 10 aged care facilities and hospitals across the State. We are dedicated to improving the quality of lives of aged care residents and facility care staff by providing reliable, quality and affordable podiatry services for residents.


Custom Podiatry Services will work as a team with your staff to ensure the best care is delivered to each individual resident. Our Podiatrists will implement strategies to reduce foot related issues at your facility through our thorough assessments, wound management, footwear modifications/advice and general care.


We understand the importance of establishing strong relationships with residents, staff and families to help ensure the physical and emotional well-being of residents throughout their treatment.

Custom Podiatry Services prides itself on its dedication to the tenets of teamwork, professionalism and reliability. Through our adherence to this ethos, the company has established strong long term relationships and partnerships with a large variety of stakeholders in the local aged care sector. Our client’s range from Government entities such as rural hospitals, Non-for profit organisations including Resthaven Incorporated, other community focused entities including James Brown Memorial Trust and members of the general public.


For us, it is not a large-scale impersonal approach as found with many other larger residential aged-care podiatry providers. For Custom Podiatry Services, it is about creating strong relationships with residents, your staff and families where we are all working towards the same goal – wellbeing and happiness for our seniors.


It is both that we are owned and operated locally by a Podiatrist rather than other allied health specialists that enables us to deliver the highest standard of lower limb and foot care health. Our holistic approach to keeping residents comfortable, reassured and mobile where possible is what sets us apart from our competitors. Our podiatrists become an integral extension to your care team and the back end support offered by our admin team ensure that stresses are taken away.


Contact our Director and Principal Podiatrist, Caitlin Jeffries directly via email at, to discuss how Custom Podiatry Service’s tailored service delivery approach to podiatry can benefit both your residents and organisation today.

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The Custom Podiatry Services team is available to provide foot health education on a variety of topics for your workplace including footwear, steps to healthy feet to keep your staff on their feet, comfortable and performing at their best.


Please contact us now on (08) 7081 9805 to learn more.

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The Custom Podiatry Services team is available for foot care and footwear talks to local community groups. Please contact us now on (08) 7081 9805 to learn more.


Aged Care Services
Community Groups
Corporate Services
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Sporting Organisations


Our team can provide specialty podiatry services and screenings for your local sporting club, please contact us on (08) 7081 9805 to learn more.


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