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We have recently made changes to our cancellation policy.

Custom Podiatry Services has a 24 hour cancellation and non-attendance policy. Of course, we understand that things pop up, but sadly in the past our lenience has resulted in a few too many people taking advantage - resulting in loss of time and more importantly, appointment availability for others in need.

We are a small, but busy clinic with extensive waitlists. Our podiatrists are in high demand and it’s for this reason, as of 25 October 2021 we will be strictly enforcing our cancellation and non-attendance policy to ensure fairness and equal access to all. This policy means, we will require at minimum, 24 hours notice for an appointment cancellation to avoid a fee of $45. The $45 fee will also be charged for a non-attendance of an appointment.

Of course we understand that at times serious, unforeseen circumstances can occur that are out of your control. Exceptions will be made for these types of immediate emergencies, at our discretion.

In addition to cancellation and non-attendance, to ensure fairness to both our staff and other patients, please note that late arrivals will not receive additional time at the end of the appointment to make up for missed time at the start. Appointment fees will not be adjusted to account for lost time.

In special circumstances, if our schedule will allow, we may be able to accommodate the full booking but to help avoid losing part of your appointment, we encourage you to arrive on time or recommend arriving five minutes early whenever possible. This policy also applies to our Medicare (EPC/Team Care Arrangement), Workcover, DVA and Insurance clients.

It’s important for us to stress, that we really don’t want to charge these cancellation fees, but - we are a small business. What matters most to us, is supporting women so it’s our hope that we can all work together on this as a community to avoid these nasty fees.

We appreciate your support and understanding and as always, look forward to seeing you in The Clinic.

Caitlin Jeffries (B.Pod)

Custom Podiatry Services 


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