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Why you MUST see a Podiatrist if you have Diabetes

Did you know, if you’re over 60 it’s strongly recommended you should be having an annual check-up with a Podiatrist? Wearing out as we get older is something we all want to avoid so we can enjoy our retirement years.

At Custom Podiatry Services, we are extremely passionate about caring for people over 60 and educating this age group about the importance of how the health of their feet can impact daily life especially those with Diabetes.

You are probably thinking how does Diabetes affect my feet? Diabetes can cause various complications in the feet and increase the risk of skin breakdown and infection leading to amputation. More people in Australia die from a diabetes-related foot infection every year than from breast cancer. In fact, every 30 minutes in Australia there is a diabetic foot amputation…

Yes, every 30 minutes.

With our Director, Caitlin Jeffries having worked for seven years within acute hospital high-risk foot departments across the state, she is extremely passionate about early education and prevention of poor health outcomes,

“It’s a pretty shocking statistic that over 50% of all diabetic foot amputations could be prevented simply by attending a Podiatrist for a foot health check-up when diagnosed”

“Visiting your Podiatrist for regular check-ups and care has been proven to reduce the risk of diabetes associated foot complications.”

“All of our Podiatrists are skilled in performing a thorough neurovascular assessment of your feet and are able to provide education on how to care for your feet.”

Because of the decreased sensation and circulation in diabetics and the older community, it’s important to monitor blood flow to the feet regularly.

As a part of your annual diabetes check-up, a Podiatrist will review your footwear, provide routine foot treatment including cutting nails and removal of corns and callus as well as addressing any other pain or complaints you have with your feet.

As well as diabetes-related health issues, with age, skin becomes increasingly fragile and feet are more prone to injury from altered gait, unstable biomechanics and ill-fitting shoes. Seemingly minor injuries such as cuts and blisters are more prone to infection in patients older than 75 in the general population.

Podiatric problems can be prevented through proper care and consultation. During a consultation, Custom Podiatry Services will do a thorough examination of your feet and listen to your concerns. This will ensure we can create the best treatment plan according to the condition of your feet, so you can feel steady on your feet and less reliant on walking aids.

Custom Podiatry Services has clinics in four convenient Adelaide locations including their new location in Parkside. Experience state of the art facilities and quality care from experienced and passionate Podiatrists focussed on preventing pain from the feet up.

National Diabetes Week is from 12-18 July 2020, focussed on bringing awareness to diabetes and mental health.


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