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The Well-heeled (TWH) Foot Care products

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Tired of having painful feet when in high heels or strappy sandals?? Then this might be just what you're looking for this spring/summer! The Well Heeled (TWH) Foot Care was established in 2016 by two Australian podiatrists. TWH foot care products are designed to improve comfort and wearability of fashion footwear. They have a variety of different products and foot care kits to address common footwear complaints such as blisters, heel slip, rubbing, and irritation associated with high heels. As Podiatrists we understand that there comes a time where sneakers just don't suit the dress code, so we have found a solution for you!

The podiatrist designed comfort shoe comfort kit includes a variety of TWH footwear products in a travel friendly duster bag, perfect for on-the-go.

This kit includes:

Each product can also be purchased individually.

  • Forefoot pad that effectively relieves discomfort

  • Say goodbye to that burn!

  • Reusable

  • Fits any shoe

  • Lab-tested PU gel formula

  • Heel cup insert that effectively relieves heel rubbing and slip

  • Reducing slipping or rubbing at the back of your shoe

  • Slim fit design

  • 3M adhesive technology

  • Lab-tested PORON® padding

  • Versatile in-shoe spot that effectively protects from pressure and rubbing

  • No more bandaids/single use aids Multipurpose

  • Invisible

  • Durable design

  • Lab tested PU gel formula

  • Versatile gel strip padding that effectively protects from strap irritation and slip Multi-purpose

  • Invisible design

  • Lab tested PU gel formula

The Well Heeled foot care kit is vital reducing your risk of footwear disasters and keeping you on your feet for longer during this festive season! So throw away those bandaids and forget about those blisters and purchase your FHW kit today! #TWHMOVEMENT

Head into our clinic today to see the full range of TWH foot care products available!


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