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Do you experience high heel hangover? Here's 7 Tips to recover those aching soles..

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Suffering from sore feet after wearing high heels all day at work or after a night out? Aching toes and painful soles are just some of the symptoms endured in the name of fashion. Here's 7 instant tips and tricks from our team of Podiatrists here at Custom Podiatry Services to help ease those end of night soles!

First you must instigate the following for Immediate relief:

1. Soak feet in warm water mixed with mineral salts- Aside from being relaxing, Epsom salt soaks have long been used to soothe sore body parts, especially the feet.

2. Try yoga, stretching and foot exercises, the Achilles Tendon and calf muscles becomes tight (or shortened) from high heels, so it's important to actively perform stretches. Additionally, the pure nature of high heels causes the toes to buckle and contract, and can specifically result in hammer toes.

3. Massage you feet - A deep tissue massage feels good and soothing but may also improve blood flow and alleviate swelling.

4. Switch your shoes, changing into sneakers for the day and taking a holiday from your high heels allows your feet to rest and recover. The structured sole and heel counter of a sneaker along with the laced attachment at the front of the foot allows the foot to rest and not work as hard during gait.

5. Ice your feet! An excessive amount of pressure is placed on the ball of your foot when you are elevated at the heel. Ice is a natural anti-inflammatory and wrapped in a tea towel it is a perfect way to relieve that bruised feeling.

6. Get padding and gel inserts for future use. As much as podiatrists like ourselves don't like to advocate the use of high heels, we realise you are still going to wear them anyway. Paddings can provide extra protection and cushion along the ball of your feet and can help alleviate discomfort whilst wearing the heels and afterward you've taken them off.

7. Remove callus and dry skin as these tend to contribute to your pain, your Podiatrist can keep your feet happy with a medical pedicure especially after they endure tight pointed shoes!

If long term if pain persists it is important to have your feet checked out by your Podiatrist!

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