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The NEW shoe trends a Podiatrist loves

It's time to ditch the heels and jump into a pair of sneakers. The new fashion trend that is taking over. SNEAKERS! Both men and women are starting to promote comfort, style and practicality with sneakers infiltrating the mainstream. Sneakers are now seen paired with a cute dress, suit pants, skirts and jeans.

Keep reading to discover the best podiatrist-approved sneakers of this years fashion trends. See below for some of the do’s and don'ts for sneaker types when purchasing your kicks this winter.

LOVES: The Dad Sneaker

Adidas Falcon Sneaker

Thicker sole, usually quite heavy in weight. These shoes offer support through the midsole and hindfoot, they have a wide toe box to prevent hammertoe, neuromas and ingrown toenails. Due to being quite heavy in weight we would not recommend to use as a runner but perfect for day to day activities.

LOVES: White leather lace up

Frankie4 JACKiE II

Podiatry designed sneakers with removable orthotic innersoles. Perfect for daily activities and someone who is on there feet regularly. The shoes have enough width and depth in the toe box to cater for all foot types with multiple innersoles that come with the shoes to allow for a customised and perfect fit. The innersoles provide arch support and cushioning. The laces also allow for adjustment and to acquire the perfect fit.

LOVES: Velcro Sneaker

Veja leather sneaker

The velcro/laced sneaker is the perfect trendy, day to day shoe. Velcro and or laces allows for adjustment and easy to fasten and secure. Please ensure there is enough width and depth in the forefoot for that perfect fit.

LOATH: The sock sneaker

The sock sneaker may be comfortable as they are light, no bulk with a sock like feel, but they do not provide any support. The material has reduced structure and no support to the top or outside of your feet, this can increase your risk of medial or lateral ankle sprains.

If unsure of what shoes would be right for you, book in to see one of our podiatrists today.


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