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Mortons Neuroma?

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Do you have burning, numbness or tingling in your forefoot? Do certain closed in shoes cause you more pain then others? You might have a mortons neuroma. With cooler months ahead these issues may be coming to the fore front, so let's get on top of your pain! Keep reading to find out more.

What is a Mortons Neuroma?

  • Swelling and degeneration of the plantar digital nerve

  • Mostly commonly occur between the 3rd and 4th toes or between the 2nd and 3rd toes

Affected demographic:

  • Average age is 50s

  • Affects females more than males


  • Excessive pronation: Impinges the nerve

  • Activities with repetitive dorsiflexion or bending of the MTPJ such as, running, climbing stairs, squatting, and ballet dance can irritate the nerve

  • Footwear: A narrow toe box compresses the toes causing the nerve to swell

  • Chronic trauma to the nerve from walking

  • Degeneration of the plantar digital arteries which supply the nerve

  • Inflammation of intermetatarsal bursae


  • Paraesthesia: Tingling, pins and needles, and sharp shooting pain

  • Forefoot tenderness

  • Loss of feeling in the toes

  • Sensation can feel like “walking on a pebble at the ball of the foot”

  • Aggravated with high heeled shoes or narrow shoes



  • Shoes with a wide toe box and minimal heel height decrease compression of nerve

  • Stiff-soled/ rocker-soled shoes: Decrease MTPJ dorsiflexion and irritation of nerve during propulsion (Some of our favourites are HOKAS)


  • To control excessive pronation and limit compression of the nerve


Corticosteroid injections


  • Surgical removal of the enlarged nerve if all other conservative options are unsuccessful

Book in to see a podiatrist today about how we can help you with your morton’s neuroma! Remember PAIN is not NORMAL, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms please book in so a Podiatrist can assess your feet to identify what is causing your PAIN and how we can address the cause to improve your foot function!


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