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Do YOU have a NEUROMA?

Does burning, stabbing, numbness and or tingling in the ball of your foot sound familiar? You might have a Mortons Neuroma. Mortons Neuroma causes the nerves in your feet to become compressed and gradually more irritated and painful.

A Mortons Neuroma is a compressive neuropathy of the common plantar digital nerve, most commonly occurring in the third web space, followed by the second and then the fourth. It is more commen in women than males.

Mortons Neuroma typical pain location
Mortons Neuroma typical pain location


- Pain when the foot bears weight being either shooting pain or dull pain felt typically between third and fourth toes.

- A feeling as if you're standing on a pebble in your shoe.

- Burning pain in the ball of the foot that might radiate to the toes

- Tingling or numbness in toes.


- Altered foot biomechanics

- Forefoot overload from high heels

- Incorrect narrow footwear


- Intrinsic (small muscles in feet) and gastrocnemius (calf) muscle stretching

- Modification of activities

- Change in Footwear (wide-fitting with enough depth, length and width in the toe box)

- Metatarsal domes (to help open up the space between the metatarsals

- Orthoses may be required if foot function is a contributing factor

Patients with Morton's neuroma may need to change their footwear, take painkillers, or have steroid injections. In some cases, surgery may be needed to remove the affected nerve or release the pressure on it. Book an appointment with one of our accredited and highly skilled team of Podiatrists to take the first step towards living pain free.


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