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Why you should get your work boots properly fitted: Meet Luke

"I had never had foot problems in that past until I started to get back into the gym. I am 21 years old and doing an apprenticeship for Panel Beating. This requires me to wear steel cap safety boot and work standing up and bending down all day."

"The pain first started in my feet, along the arches and then to my knees and then back. I noticed the pain when at the gym and especially at work. I would get to work in the mornings, put on my work boots and only be able to last 30 minutes max in my boots before I started to get knee and arch pain in both legs and feet. It got so painful to the point where I had to cease wearing my work boots and swap into my sneakers and go on with other jobs in a different location at work. I found that in my sneakers I was not getting as much pain as when in my boots."

"This was something that I wanted fixed and decided to book an appointment with a Podiatrist. It was a new experience for me and I was not sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised by the knowledge and care the podiatrist had. Aware of not only what was happening with my foot and the particular work boots I was wearing but also how it affected and correlated with my knee and back."

"I had an examination where my walking was recorded in both no shoes and in my work boots along with a whole range of other tests. My Podiatrist explained to me why and how the pain is occurring and that my current work boots sit too high and are too heavy for the activities I do when at work. With a change in work boots, custom made inserts and a combined physio and podiatry exercise program I am now pain-free and able to wear my boots all day to work and swap my orthotics out and wear them while I am at the gym."

"I know now that orthotics and the exercises are something I will have to use and do for life due to my foot type and knee alignment. Before getting new boots it is something I will run past with my Podiatrist also to ensure I am buying the correct ones for my foot type and needs to ensure that this does not happen again."

- Luke

Custom Podiatry Services Patient


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