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Footwear Checklist

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Out Podiatrist Caitlin checking her patient has the correct fitting footwear

To keep your feet happy and healthy it is SUPER important to ensure that the shoes you are putting on your feet are the best option! Below is a footwear check list of some important points to think about when choosing a comfortable and supportive shoe.

Heel Counter:

The heel counter is the back piece of your shoe that sits behind your heel. Push the back of your shoe inwards, if this collapses easily then the heel counter is not very supportive and shoes should only be worn for light activities


It is important for your shoes to bend and twist in the right places. A supportive shoe will only bend at the front of the shoe where your toes are, they should not be able to twist, especially down the middle of your shoe. The middle of your

shoe is what supports your arch remember.  

Width, Depth and Length:

At the front of your shoe where your toes sit we look for 3 things,

1. How wide the shoe is

2. How long the shoe is

3. The width of your foot (remember bunions increase the width needed for a comfortable fit)


When purchasing shoes you want to look for a pair that can be adjustable with a tightening and loosening mechanism to ensure adequate custom fit for your feet. Lases, Velcro and buckles allow for the shoe to be adjusted as required.

If you are still unsure and want some advice on purchasing some new shoes or you are wondering if your current footwear is the right shoe for you, book and appointment and come see one of our Podiatrists today for a footwear review.


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