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5 tips to look after your feet

The 14th-20th of October is Foot Health Week and we are trying to spread the message about the importance of foot health! Below are 5 tips from our Podiatrist, Emma that you can do to keep your feet happy and healthy.

1- Checking feet daily:

Make sure you are looking for any corns, hard skin, cuts, red spots cracked heels or blisters.  (TIP: use a mirror if cannot reach to see bottom of your feet).

2- Regular nail cutting and filing:

It is important to cut your nails roughly every 6 weeks. Ingrown toe nails often begin from poor nail cutting. The best way to cut your nails is to cut along the natural curve and ensure to file any rough edges. If you have any troubles getting down to your feet come see a podiatrist and we can provide nail care for you.

3- Washing your feet:

Washing your feet daily with warm soapy water to clean off any debris, keeping them nice and clean reducing risk of bacteria and fungal infections.

4- Drying your feet:

After a shower or even after a rainy day make sure to dry your feet. Pay special attention to drying in-between your toes. This helps reduce chances of moisture between the toes and development of fungal infections.

5- Emollient daily:

Massaging cream into your feet daily is recommended to maintain skin integrity and stimulate circulation. We recommended a UREA based cream, pop into our clinic to pick up some 'Walkers Urea 25' (IT IS OUR FAVOURITE)


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