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2019 City To Bay: Podiatrist reveals top tips to get you to the finish line

Below are easy and simple tips to prepare yourself to front up to the line on the day of the City to Bay. These tips will help you stay pain free throughout the run/ walk and get you past the finish line with flying colours.

Blister prevention Are you prone to blisters? If so, your in luck! Here are some tools to add to your tool kit to keep you running blister free:

Socks: -Socks are SUPER important for blister prevention.

Ensure your socks are made from synthetic materials! yes you heard me right, spandex and nylon are the keepers! Stay clear from cotton socks! Cotton traps in the moisture causing your feet to perspire and increase your chance of obtaining blisters.

-In our clinics we stock the OS1st socks

Why we love the OS1st sock range: -360 degrees of blister prevention protection -Soft moisture wicking fabric to keep your feet fresh throughout the race -A barrier to keep you active and pain free

ENGO blister patches

A terrific way to combat your blisters!

If you have stubborn areas that always seem to blister up, come into the clinic and we can fit your shoes with the ENGO blister patches.

Why we love the ENGO blister patch range: -500km blister protection (luckily the race is either a 3km, 6km ,12km or 21.1km phew) -Ultra low friction patches -Easy to stick into your shoe over areas of concern -Can be used for all areas of the feet (Yes...even your toes!

-Does not take up space in your shoe

Footwear Advice: Whether your getting new shoes or dusting off the old ones it is important that you follow our tips below.

-We recommend wearing a running specific shoe

  • Running shoes have the cushioning and technology made specifically for hitting the pavement

-Support in your running shoe is vital.

  • Check that the shoe only bends through the forefoot and not through midsole

  • Your shoe should not be able to bend or twist over itself

-Ensure you have the right amount of room at front of your shoe for your toes.

  • To little or too much can lead to sore bruised toe nails or even broken or absent ones!

  • A thumb space at the front of the shoe is safe

-If your due for a new pair of runners you might want to get onto this ASAP!!

  • It is important that you wear them in before taking them for a spin before the race.

  • TIP: Go and see our friends at the running company they will be able to fix you up with a new pair of kicks best suited to you

Injury Prevention

Make sure your muscles are warm and ready to go before you start your race. It is even more important for recovery to ensure you warm down after the event also!

  • Dynamic warm up before the race

  • Cool down and stretching afterward the race

  • Foam rolling and/or using a golf ball to get into those tight muscles- try rolling a golf ball under the bottom of your foot or roll it on those tight calve muscles both before and after the race.

If you have any niggling injuries or just after some advise on footwear and blister prevention book in for an appointment to see one of our podiatrists today.


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