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Why you should leave your blisters to the professionals...

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

It is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy some of the warmer climate. Whether it be more walking, running, gardening or getting into some new sandals, we as podiatrists are always welcoming a more active and healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately, with these increases in activities, changing of footwear or the heat making your feet hotter, more swollen or sweatier, the risk of getting painful blisters increases.

Blisters are common injuries that just about everyone will experience sometime in their life. They can be painful and stop us doing what we love. So if you develop blisters, here are a few things podiatrists can do to help…

Create the appropriate foot environment

A podiatrist can help identify certain changes to your foot environment that are increasing your risk of blisters as well as how to manipulate this environment, so they do not return. Often it can be as simple as choosing the right socks that fit your feet appropriately, provide good ventilation and reduce friction, so your foot does not overheat and develop blisters. Other things we can recommend is appropriate footwear that will suit your activity, foot shape and movement pattern.

On top of shoes and socks, we can also build and adjust custom foot orthosis. Orthosis can shift where force is being applied throughout your feet as well as changing the way you move from the feet up. This is often a great option for those who are on their feet for long periods such as during sport and exercise, or even those that spend a lot of time standing and walking. We can also make our orthotics with top covers that are designed to reduce friction and shearing to further help reduce blisters.

Manage damaged skin

Once a blister has developed it can be both painful and pose an infection risk. Podiatrists are trained in wound care which includes blister management. We are able to clean up any affected areas to ensure faster healing times and reduce the blister getting worse or getting infected. We can also provide liners in footwear that reduce friction to help manage blister pain and reduce it returning.

Blisters are easy to get and just as easy for a skilled podiatrist to manage and prevent. For management or risk assessment for blisters, podiatrists can easily keep you moving pain free.


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