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Why are Podiatrists so important in fall prevention?

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Recent studies by La Trobe Foothold program show that Podiatry intervention can significantly impact the reduction of falls in people up to 23%.

Routine podiatry treatment, footwear advice, footwear exercises and prefab/custom foot orthotics, teamed with balance and strength exercises 3 times a week for 30 minutes are all validated measures for the reduction in falls for those at risk.


1. Assess your risk of Falls:

Most older patients are already at elevated risk. Your Podiatrist may use a screening tool to identify those most at risk. Check out this assessment tool from Government SA, if you think you might be at risk, we can help, please book an appointment here.

2. Assess your footwear and potentially hazardous features:

- Is there any attachment e.g laces, velcro, buckle?

- Is there an elevated heel?

- Are the soles worn?

- Is the mid sole too soft or thick?

- Is there a heel counter? How soft or compressible is it?

3. Prescribe prefabricated foot orthotics based on your foot type:

Orthotics were found to reduce pressures under the heel by 23% and pressures under the forefoot by 12%. These changes were largely maintained after 12 months of wear.

4. Introduce strengthening exercises

Strength exercises will help make you more stable on your feet, check out this example we found below for an idea of the type of exercises we'll prescribe according to your individual needs.

If you have had a fall, know someone who has or would like to be proactive in reducing those chances, speak to our friendly Podiatrist’s at Custom Podiatry Services and book in for an assessment today!


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