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When is it time for new school shoes ?


The average child wears their school shoe for 8 hours a day for four days a week for 40 weeks of the year meaning the majority of their time is spent in their school shoes.

The 2020 school year is just around the corner so the Podiatrists at Custom Podiatry Services have come up with some tips and tricks for working out when your child is due for a new pair of shoes, along with some recommendations of there favourite school shoe brands.


- Remove the sock liner from the shoe and ask your child to step on top of it

- There should be roughly a 2cm gap between the longest toe and the shoe (longest toe is not always the 1st and can sometimes be the 2nd or even the 3rd)

- If the longest toe is touching the end, it means a school shoe shopping trip is a must


-Even if the shoe fits they may need some upgrading due to wear and tear

-Check the tread of the shoes as this can wear out over time

-Ensure the heel counter has not become soft or worn down

-Make sure there is no significant wear on the upper of the shoe, any holes or blow outs on the sides.


- Get your child fitted for school shoes. All reputable shops will use a gauge to ensure the correct length and width is measured. (Do not buy online with out having tried on the shoe to ensure a correct fit)

- If your child has orthotics make sure to bring them and try them with getting fitted for the new school shoes

Here are some recommendations of footwear brands to look out for when buying new shoes for your child this year.


-All Clarks school shoes are Podiatry approved

-12-month outer sole guarantee

- Made from premium leather

- Built in hi-poly foot bed to reduce odour and prevent bacterial and fungal growth

-1 shoes 184 sizes- Some of the Clarks range come in both length and width fittings

- Many options of velcro, lacing and buckles , allowing for easy fastening for all ages

*Most reputable school shoe stores sell the Clark's range, check out stockists on their website:


-Multi-layered sport shoe technology

-Australian Podiatry Association approved

-6-month out-sole guarantee

-Full grain leather upper

-Removable innersole

-Mid foot stabiliser

-Many options of Velcro, lacing and buckles , allowing for easy fastening for all ages, find them at your local Athlete's Foot ASCENT WEBISTE


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