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Unlock the Secrets of Effective Foot Care: Which Foot Cream Actually Works?

With an abundance of moisturisers, creams, and heel balms lining the shelves, finding the right foot cream can be a daunting task. But fear not, we're here to guide you through the maze of choices and help you discover what truly works for your precious feet.

someone applying foot cream to their left heel

What Should You Look for in a Foot Moisturiser?

The key to effective foot care lies in choosing a moisturizer that contains urea. Urea is a powerhouse ingredient that excels at hydrating the skin on your feet. In products where urea concentration exceeds 10%, it acts as a keratolytic agent, which means it has the unique ability to soften the tough keratin in your skin and deliver deep hydration.

What Are Your Options?

At our clinic, we proudly offer a range of urea-based moisturisers tailored to your preferences and needs. Here are some of our top picks:

urea25 foot cream

Walkers Urea25 Heel Conditioner: Our Walkers Urea25 is a crowd favorite at the clinic. Boasting a potent 25% urea content, it works wonders on dry and cracked heels. Experience the transformation as it restores your feet to their soft and supple glory.

podo expert foot cream

Podoexpert Moisturising Foam: For those who prefer a lightweight, non-greasy option, the Podoexpert Moisturising Foam is the perfect choice. This innovative foam-style moisturizer not only hydrates your feet but also leaves them feeling refreshed without any oily residue.

restorate foot spray

Restorate Foot Spray: If reaching down to your feet is a challenge, the Restorate Foot Spray is your go-to solution. This intensive moisturizing spray packs a powerful punch with its 25% urea content. It's designed to provide thorough hydration and ease of application for everyone.

When Should You Use It?

To truly benefit from these exceptional foot creams, we recommend incorporating a daily foot moisturizing routine into your life. Consistency is the key to maintaining soft, healthy feet year-round.

Ready to Discover Your Perfect Foot Cream?

Don't leave your foot care to chance. Schedule an appointment today with one of our experienced podiatrists. They'll assess the unique needs of your skin and feet, ensuring you find the ideal foot cream for your individual requirements. Experience the difference that proper foot care can make in your life – because your feet deserve the very best.

 Schedule a consultation with our team today by calling (08) 7081 9805 and book a consultation online.   


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