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Practice ready to put its best foot forward

Local Podiatry clinics owner and operator, Caitlin Jeffries, together with her team are elated to announce the launch of Custom Podiatry Services. As part of the launch, local clinics, Custom Podiatry Services Parkside, North Terrace Podiatry, Belair Podiatry Clinic, and Hamley Bridge Medical Clinic Podiatry are all set to undergo a makeover and be rebranded as Custom Podiatry Services under the new venture.

Custom Podiatry Services core focus is to provide our patients with the best quality care Adelaide has to offer from only the most well-respected Podiatrists in the industry. The team make it their priority to ensure they are skilled in the latest treatments and technologies to provide you with the best, up-to-date treatment at every visit.

The name isn’t all that’s new, the rebrand encompasses a new look, new website, the latest in technology and software to enhance customer experience which owner and operator, Caitlin Jeffries is extremely excited about,

All feet and people aren’t the same, we aim to provide a holistic view of the people we see which is why I wanted to create a brand and environment where service is the core focus of what we do.

My patients are the most important people to my healthcare business, our aim is to get them walking comfortably again. We do this through our professional team giving all patients individualised quality care that utilises the latest in foot care technology.

The team of experienced Podiatrists specialise in all areas of podiatry from bunions and ingrown nails to children, aged care and biometrics and all practices are equipped with the latest in footcare technology including 3D scanning and orthotics and the latest in footcare technology including 3D scanning and custom mobile app experiences for all patients.

Being a small business owner hasn’t been without its challenges and it wasn’t until the beginning of this year when she was looking to implement strategies to market her separate clinics and services that she considered the opportunities consolidating her assets under the one main umbrella brand could present.

Presenting our clinics and services under one brand is only going to help our reach and reputation as well as keep marketing costs to a minimum so the decision was a no-brainer for me. I’m really looking forward to seeing the Custom Podiatry Services brand grow in the market as it becomes associated with all our existing clinics and services.

As the owner and operator of four local podiatry clinics, eight contract service agreements and managing a team of eight staff members, it’s easy to forget Caitlin has yet to reach her 30th birthday. Managing her portfolio under separate brands has kept the passionate young Podiatrist’s business achievements relatively under the radar until now. Consolidating her portfolio under one main brand, Custom Podiatry Services, will not only showcase her entrepreneurial success and achievements, the move will strengthen the identity and reputation of the business amongst industry professionals and the public.

Caitlin’s private clinic work encompasses clients of all ages and fitness levels however she has a special passion and place for caring for the elderly and prides herself on providing the highest standard of podiatry care within the residential aged care setting.

To celebrate what was a successful Foot Health Month in October and launch of Custom Podiatry Services, all bookings will receive $20 off their initial consultation fee – use the code word 20OFF when you make your booking.

Custom Podiatry Services


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