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Little Soles, Big Adventures: A Podiatrist's Guide to Fitting Your Toddler's First Shoes

Updated: Jan 23

Welcome to our shoe-fitting journey with Podiatrist Emma! Today, we're sharing invaluable tips straight from a professional to ensure your little one's first steps are supported and comfortable. Meet Blair, a 15-month-old adventurer, ready to explore the world on two tiny feet.

TIP #1: Professional Sizing Matters

Podiatrist Emma stresses the importance of getting your child's feet professionally measured and sized. Ollie Ashenden Children's Shoes provided expert guidance to ensure Blair's shoes fit perfectly, offering the right support for those exciting first steps.

TIP #2: Freedom for Little Toes

Emma emphasizes the significance of allowing your child's toes to wiggle freely within their shoes. Opt for designs that provide enough width, ensuring comfort and natural movement while exploring the world.

TIP #3: Explore Styles and Brands

Podiatrist Emma advises against solely relying on online purchases. Different brands and styles can vary in sizing. Trying on various options in-store ensures you find the perfect fit for your little one's unique foot shape and size.

TIP #4: Your Thumb, the Perfect Guide

Emma's clever trick involves using your thumb as a guide. Check for approximately 1cm of space between your child's longest toe and the front of the shoe. This ensures enough room for growth without compromising comfort.

TIP #5: Tailoring to Age and Skill Set

Children's feet develop rapidly, and Emma recommends considering your child's age and skill set when choosing shoes. A trained sales assistant, like those at Ollie Ashenden Children's Shoes, can provide personalised advice based on your child's unique needs.

While barefoot walking and play are encouraged whenever possible, Podiatrist Emma understands the need for protective shoes during outdoor adventures. By following these tips, you'll be setting your little one on the right path for happy and healthy steps. Let the adventures begin with the perfect pair of shoes for your toddler!


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