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KeryFlex- Nail Restoration System

Are you tired of having unsightly, damaged, or fungal nails and looking for a solution?

KeryFlex may be right for you! Keryflex is a professional nail restoration system that provides a cosmetic solution to unsightly nails. You are left with a natural-looking nail.


What is KeryFlex?

KeryFlex acts as an artificial nail which is bonded onto the existing toenail. It is different to acrylic nails, as the Keryflex material is flexible and can bend with the natural movement of your feet. It is also non-irritating to your skin and does not cause further damage to the nail or surrounding skin. Keryflex allows the remaining nail to grow out normally.

Keryflex is a pain-free treatment and conducted only by trained podiatrists at selected clinics.

What are the benefits of KeryFlex?

  • To improve the appearance of damaged or discoloured nails

  • To restore the natural look of a nail

  • The process is safe and hygienic

  • To improve your self-confidence with your feet

What type of nails are suitable for KeryFlex?

Keryflex is not suitable for people with peripheral vascular disease, arterial insufficiency, peripheral neuropathy, ingrown toenails, or people who are pregnant, nursing or have an allergy to its ingredients.

Make an appointment at our clinic today to have your feet professionally assessed by one of our podiatrists to see if Keryflex is suitable for you!

Keryflex before and after photos


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