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Get your feet checked this National Diabetes Week

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

National Diabetes Week runs all the way to July 20 and Custom Podiatry Services are taking the opportunity to remind those affected by diabetes to make a regular appointment to visit their podiatrist for a diabetic foot health check.

In today's society, Diabetes is becoming more common. It can cause various complications in the feet and increase the risk of skin breakdown and infection. Diabetes can lead to various complications in the feet including decreased sensation and circulation as well as increased risk of infection.

Every 30 minutes in Australia there is a diabetic foot amputation ... yes, every 30 minutes!

At Custom Podiatry Services we are extremely passionate about early education and prevention of such poor health outcomes. Evidence is on our side and shows that 50% of all diabetic foot amputations could be prevented simply by attending a Podiatrist for a foot health check-up when diagnosed.

Visiting your Podiatrist for regular check-ups and care has been proven to reduce the risk of diabetes associated foot complications. All of our Podiatrists are skilled in performing a thorough neurovascular assessment of your feet and are able to provide education on how to care for your feet. We will review your footwear and provide routine foot treatment on a regular basis including cutting nails and removal of corns and callus as well as addressing any other pain or complaints you have with your feet.

Knowing the risk and how to take care of your feet can prevent serious problems, here are some of our Teams top tips to prevent diabetes related foot complications:

  • Wash and dry your feet thoroughly daily Visually examine your feet daily for anything unusual like marks, spots, cuts, swelling or redness

  • Stop smoking

  • Choose correctly fitted shoes (we can help recommend shoes that are best for your feet)

  • Don’t wear tight socks or elastic stockings as these can reduce blood flow to your feet

  • Ensure your socks are made from natural materials as these breathe rather than synthetic alternatives 

  • Keeping tight control of your sugar levels will be most powerful in preventing foot health complications

  • Make a regular appointment with your Podiatrist to manage your diabetic foot health

  • Orthotics can be used in cases to reduce pressure points under the feet and prevent future issues

What’s more? Diabetic patients are eligible for subsidised treatments through Medicare. See your GP to discuss a care plan today. If you do not wish to use Medicare and have private health or volunteer private payment you do not require a referral to see a Podiatrist.

Book an appointment at Custom Podiatry Services by clicking here.


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