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Did you know your toes can show signs of COVID-19?

Now more than ever it is important to check your feet! Research suggests that your feet may be a sign that you have COVID-19. While less common, the coronavirus can affect your skin. For some people, this may be the only sign of a coronavirus infection.

Studies have found that some patients with the virus are reporting to have perino-like inflammation on their feet and toes also known now as 'COVID toes'. Pernio occurs when the skin is exposed to very cold temperatures, causing it to burn and blister, for example a chilblain. Due to the current climate in Australia, chilblain season is behind us. This is therefore something to be more aware of.

What you need to know:

- Can develop on feet, hands or both

- Most common on the toes

- Can begin on one or several toes or fingers

-Can develop at any age


- Bright red discolouration that usually turns purple

- Can cause blistering, pain and be itchy

- Discoloured toes

- Swelling in toes or fingers

If you think you have signs of COVID toes or have cold/flu-like symptoms, fever, cough, excessive runny nose or shortness of breath, please help protect our community and prevent further transmission by getting tested as soon as possible.


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