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What you need to know about BUNIONS

A bunion or as Podiatrists like to say, 'Hallux Abducto Valgus' (HAV) is a painful bony prominence occurring on the medial side of the big toe joint. The big toe pushes against the neighbouring toe causing the joint to stick out.

Keep reading to getting a better understanding of Bunions and the treatment options available.


  • Heredity: Genetics play a role bunion (check mum, dad and grandparents feet!)

  • Biomechanics: Hyper mobility with in the joint and/or overpronation (having a low arch) putting stress on the joint and causing lateral drift of the 1st toe.

  • Footwear: Ill fitting shoes with not enough width, length or depth in the toe box


  • Footwear: Changing footwear to ensure it has enough room at the front of the shoe to cater for the big toe joint. The toe box will need enough width, depth and length to avoid irritation. We recommend getting properly fitted for footwear to ensure they give your foot the support it needs.

  • Silipos/Gel bunion sleeves: These will help reduce any sheering forces on the joint from footwear, adding extra cushioning and padding to the joint, to help provide symptomatic relief.

  • Taping: Will reduce the load on neighbouring intrinsic muscles in the foot and provide symptomatic relief.

  • Exercises: Our podiatrists will give you a custom exercise program, suited to you, to help activate and stretch neighbouring intrinsic muscles in the foot for pain relief and reduce progression of HAV.

  • Custom Made foot orthoses: If your foot function (we like to say biomechanics) is an issue we can help with creating a more ideal foot function by making a customised foot orthoses specific for your needs. There is good evidence that orthotics can reduce progression and development of your painful bunion.

  • Surgery: If you have had enough and your HAV is a constant daily battle then surgery is also an option that can be discussed with all patients.

There are many options and things you can do today to help reduce your pain and reduce the progression of your bunions. Book to make an appointment now!


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