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Tips and Tricks for keeping you in your high heels

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Melbourne Cup is just around the corner, which usually means a whole day of fun and excitement... in high heels. After reading this blog you will have all the tips and tricks for keeping you in your kicks. We reveal what podiatry specific characteristics to look for when buying or choosing your next high heel.

This will come at no surprise that high heels put your feet in an unnatural position.

This position allows for:

-Poor shock absorption

-Shortened calf muscles

-Increased pressure placed on the forefoot and the balls of the feet

So what can we do about this? what do we need to look for when purchasing a pair of high heels ?


This is super important, the heel height directly influences how much pressure and weight you are putting into the balls of yourfeet. TIP: Try a platformed shoe, these increase the height at the ball of the foot, reducing the amount of pressure

- 2 inches or 5cm heel height is ideal


Aim for a thickened block heel or a wedged heel to ensure more contact with the ground and to make you feel steady on your feet.


Strapping/zips/laces are a must, this is what helps your foot stay in the shoe and prevent your ankle/foot from slipping forward.

-At the forefoot

-At the ankle and/or the midfoot

-At the hind-foot


Do as much as you can to limit your time spent in your heels. TIP- if you are at an event or going to work, bring a pair of flats to change into and limit your time in your heels before an event or work and after.

-3-4 hours at a time is recommended

Now you know what your looking for, try these shoe stores to find the ideal heel for you.


Click on the links below:

-Ziera Shoes

-Midas Shoes

These shoe stores all stock a wide range of heels available with adequate ankle support, low to moderate heel height with thickened block heel, correct placement and width of forefoot strapping and some even have an orthotic foot bed, to give you the comfort you desire.

Follow these easy tips to help maximise your time in heels, without ruining your day/night with painful feet. Trust me, you feet will thank you for this.


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