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Custom Podiatry unveils new 3D foot scanner

3D Foot Scanning now available at Custom Podiatry Services

Messy and time consuming plaster casts to make custom orthotics is now a thing of the past thanks to are now a thing of the past thanks to state of the art 3D scanning technology to make custom flexible orthotic devices.

Now available at Custom Podiatry Services, the structured sensor portable 3D foot scanner allows for impressions for customised foot orthoses to be made in real time and sent for production instantly.


The structure sensor 3D scanner mounts directly to an iPad. It works from a custom made professional mobile app where we capture the precise 3D model of your foot instantly. This allows for the foot to be scanned, and sent straight to the lab the day of your appointment, for your orthotic to be custom made for you.

Our orthotics are made using materials which are comfortable to wear, without feeling hard or causing shoe-fit issues. If you suspect you might need orthotics, click here to book an appointment today.


-Mess free, no more plaster casting!

-The sensor is lightweight and portable

-Quick and fast, easily completed in an appointment

-Your 3D foot scan can be shown to you and used for further explanation by your Podiatrist

-Any sore spots can be highlighted in the cast to ensure correct offloading of your painful areas

-Your scans are sent the same day of the appointment to get you into your orthotics as soon as possible

The addition of 3D scanning technology reinforces Custom Podiatry Services commitment to harnessing technology to deliver better customer experience, click here to read about our new online booking service.

Do you think you might need orthotics?


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