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Updated: Jun 5, 2022

As a Tradie, you spend more time on your feet than most, which makes what you put on your feet even more important. Safety boots provide you with the support and protection you need for your job. Not wearing the correct safety footwear can put workers at risk of injury and breach workplace OHS guidelines.

It is important to find the boot that is best suited to you as an individual to provide you all day support and comfort! So here are our Podiatrists' top 6 tips for purchasing new work boots.

TIP 1:

Make sure the boot bends at your toes, this will allow for the natural foot movement without any restrictions. The boot should NOT be flexible through the midfoot as your foot does not bend here and this will put increased strain on your foot and leg muscles.

TIP 2:

Ensure the boots provide adequate width and depth. A removable innersole is a bonus as it will allow you to increase the depth in the toe box. It will also allow for orthotics to be easily fitted to your boots if required.

DID you know: Many brands have a half size width option.

TIP 3:

Boots with lace-ups allow for adjustment suited to your foot providing you with the best support and reduced risk of lower limb complications. Zip/lace combos will ensure you have the best of both support and ease of taking on and off.

TIP 4:

Make sure your boot has a strong and supportive heel counter. You can check this by pressing on the back of the boot to check if it folds in. If it folds in this means it’s not strong enough and lacks in support.

TIP 5:

Your shoe should be comfortable when you put it on, you should not have to wear them in. If they feel too heavy, opt for a composite cap option.

TIP 6:

You should shop for shoes at the end of the day when you have been on your feet and they are at their biggest. When fitting your boot, fit to the longest toe.

If you are starting to feel any leg or foot pain, your work boots are rubbing or causing you pain, or you are unsure which work boot is best for you, come in and see one of our passionate Podiatrists who can help!


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