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5 reasons to get a Medical Pedicure

Adelaide Medical Pedicure

Why not use this time to get your feet looking and feeling healthy and pamper yourself at the same time with one of our Medical Pedicures?

A Medical Pedicure is the perfect combination of both the beauty and medical world. Relax knowing your feet are being expertly attended to by a qualified Podiatrist in a sterile environment to ensure the best care for your feet.

What does the treatment entail?

- Transforming nails free from any ingrowing edges

- Reducing thickened or yellowing nails

- Painful corns on or around toes will be removed with a sterile scalpel blade

- Hard skin or callus will be debrided

- Application of Urea25 foot cream leaving feet, soft, relaxed and transformed.

What's more? If you have a health fund with podiatry cover, you can claim a substantial component of the service with the podiatrist, we're also a Bupa Members First provider!

Got Private Health? You can claim! Just ask us how! Call 1300 002 257. To book online, please click here


- Contact Us: 1300 002 257


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