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40% off all Medi Pedi's for January

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

To celebrate Summer and getting our feet fit for open toed shoes, for the whole month of January, we would like to offer 40% off all Medical Pedicure's for new clients at our Parkside, North Terrace and Belair clinic locations.

Treat your feet this Summer with our newest highly professional clinical Medi Pedi treatment service.

A Medi Pedi is the perfect combination of both the beauty and medical world's. Relax knowing your feet are being expertly attended to by some of the most experienced Podiatrists in the industry in a sterile environment to ensure the best care for your feet.

Enjoy healthy happy feet as we transform your nails by free from any ingrowing edges or fungal infections. Thickened or yellowing nails will be restored and painful corns on or around toes will be removed with a sterile scalpel blade. Hard skin or callus will be debrided from areas such as the balls of your feet and around cracked heels.

In most cases your feet are literally transformed, looking younger and healthier along with feeling light and comfortable.

The icing on the cake is that if you have a health fund with podiatry cover, you can claim a substantial component of the service with the podiatrist.

Got Private Health? You can claim! Just ask us how! To book, please click here

Medi Pedi


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