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3 things to look for that tell you that you need new shoes

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

When it comes to physical signs that your workout sneakers need to be replaced, what are they? This does not just mean old, dirty and worn visually, sometimes your shoes may look relatively new but may require an upgrade. Listed below are some indicators that it's time to update!

Are you experiencing Pain?

If you've been feeling muscle fatigue, shin splints, or some pain in your joints. Perhaps heel or arch pain? you may be wearing shoes that have lost their cushioning.

If you notice pain even if your shoes are relatively new, you best speak to your Podiatrist about the best shoe suited for your foot type and lifestyle.

Worn outer soles of shoes

Noticed loss of tread? Loss of tread is visually easy to see, it usually indicates high milage in the particular shoes which would also indicate that other structural aspects of the shoe would be compromised also! eg too much flexibility at toes and heel counter. The loss of tread on the sole of a shoe is the last to go- meaning all shock absorption and cushioning capability has already been compressed!

Uneven wear patterns?

You will notice you will need an update in shoes much more often if you have a gait problem (see uneven wear patterns for more info) or if you are using them on uneven, rugged terrain.

What your wear patterns mean:

  • Excessive wear on the front of your shoe can indicate over pronation as the forefoot turns inward as you push off with each step.

  • Excessive wear on the outside edge of your shoe can indicate supination, whereby the foot favours the outer edge throughout the gait cycle. The majority of impact is on the outer bones of your foot.

Wear patterns eventuate with time from overuse. Particular wear patterns in shoes can indicate certain gait pattern abnormalities and your Podiatrist can help assess and guide you towards the most appropriate footwear for you.

Still unsure about what to look for in a shoe or when it's time to upgrade, speak to your Podiatrist who can analyse your foot type, medical history and consider your lifestyle to guide you to the best shoe for you.

Speak to one of our Podiatrists today by calling 1300 002 257 or click here to book a consultation.


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